Thursday, July 16, 2009

Best Laptop Repair Service in Kuwait

English /Arabic

The highest rate of repairing in low cost
Professional engineering with multi test equipments and IR welding system for micro chip rework
Fast and Great service, 6 month functional guaranty
Company refuses to reform
Mac book repair service available
Specialization - Engineering - professionalism - experience
Installation of new LCD screens
أعلى معدل للاصلاح في البلدان المنخفضة التكاليف
افضل مصدر للاصلاح اللابتوب في اسعار معقولة في الكويت

التخصص -- الهندسة -- المهنية – التجربة
الهندسة المهنية المتعددة واختبار معدات اللحام نظام الإحداثيات الدقيقة لإعادة صياغة الرقاقة
خدمةسريعة و 6 أشهر وظيفية الكفالة
اصلاح جميع الاعطال ، وحتى لو رفضت الشركة أيضا
ماك اصلاح الخدمات المتاحة
تركيب شاشات LCD الجديدة
We provide unique laptop repair solutions, diagnostics are free with no strings attached.
Repair on all Laptops available. We have even repaired company reject service at a very reasonable cost. All serviced repairs are guarantied for 6 months, Services for visitor’s home and business users, emergency services for business visitors.
Please keep save e-mail massage at the day you need some of repair service in affordable price, only one time e-mail massage, in case of lost of contact, please search in Google word “laptop repair Kuwait ”
Zaid Ahmed
Specialization - Engineering - professionalism - experience
Contact: 66015366
Location Salmiya
E-mail quotation available within 24 hrs of request
Micro component replacement capabilities
Repair mother board down to component level with any problem

Repair Service for:
All type of Laptop repair, tablet, Mac, Panel PC, LCD monitor, and digitizer mini computer, touch screen
All type of laptop LCD screen mostly available
Free diagnostic and estimation
We NEVER make repairs until we receive permission from you
Do you have these problems?

• Total black out failure laptop
•There is no sign of life into the laptop
• Spontaneous shut downs for no apparent reason
• power up at to LED light but no flaunt
• Unit is working but dim display
• Slow hardware response in progress
• Unit is working but no display in it
• Unit goes restart any time or suddenly appear blue hardware failure screen and restart..
• Unit is power up but suddenly screen display goes off or black out
• Unit is power up but no display
• Wireless problem
• Internal LAN failure
• Flashing power integrator but not to boot up
• Dropdown and after that not working
• any small movement of the cord will shut it down, any little movement of computer will hang and stuck
• Faulty Mother board Issues
• Dead VGA chip
• Over heat, laptop fan assembly failure
• Slow & Sloppy Laptop
• Keyboard keys are not working want to replace full keyboard
• Noisy, slow, failures fan
• Broken or lose any sockets MIC, USB, VGA out, fire wire, network etc.
• Touch pad repair, keyboard, and sound problems.
• Modem Failure or errors code showing
• Hardware error massage during Installation
• Non Functional DVDRW, CD RW, DVD Combo, Drives Etc
• Liquid spillage.


Rubina Sheraz said...

Thanks for share info.
really useful for me.
keep it up

Anonymous said...
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Dino$ said...

you dont find much americans working in kuwait as much as in dubai. ne way thanks for sharing :0)

American in Kuwait said...


You have been taking a tour around my Blogs :-) sorry for el ghabarah lol

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