Friday, June 19, 2009

Kuwait Public Transportation Routes

Here is an informative article about transportation in Kuwait:

Here are the Bus routes in Kuwait:

Bus Routes > KPTC

Route 11 Route 12 Route 13 Route 14
Route 15 Route 16 Route 17 Route 22
Route 26 Route 29 Route 31 Route 32
Route 34 Route 36 Route 38 Route 39
Route 40 Route 41 Route 51 Route 59
Route 101 Route 102 Route 103 Route 105
Route 139 Route 205 Route 501 Route 502
Route 505 Route 506 Route 507 Route 602

Kuwait Public Transport:

route 602



Anonymous said...

Great thanks!

Amy In Cairo said...

your site is great! i am an american teacher that is currently teaching in egypt. i was wanting to possibly get employment in kuwait teaching. could you please steer me in the right direction? thanking you in advance:)

American in Kuwait said...

Hi Amy, (Kuwait Forum) is very active and has alot of American teachers from Kuwait exchanging advices.

My advice is to go there. We have American school in Hawally and American Kuwait University in Salmiyah.