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Shopping in Kuwait

Here is another list from the Weekend Guide 2007 list from the American Embassy in Kuwait.

Stores are generally open from 9:00am to 1:00pm and from 4:00 to 9:00pm,
though the hours will change during the month of Ramadan. Larger department stores may be open in the afternoons every day except Fridays. Some co-ops and some of the Sultan Center Supermarkets are open 24 hours.


ANTIQUE AND HANDICRAFRS CENTRE: Collection of furniture, textiles and silver from India. Run by a British woman. It has the tables made from old doors.
Location: Al-Rai area of Shuwaikh near ACE hardware. Maps in CLO.
Hours: 10 am to 1:30 pm and 5 pm to 9 pm, Fridays 10 am to 2 pm.
℡: 474-0016 website

AL KURD CIRCLE: Located in Hawally, the Kurdish Circle is famous for the hubbly bubbly (water pipe) shops surrounding the circle. They provide the best selection at the best prices. Select each piece for the water pipe separately to get the best pipe. Only then discuss price and bargain hard.

BIDA’S ANTIQUES: This is in a private home. Owner brings in a few big things from South Africa that do not jibe with his usual stock. He does better with doors and beds from India, and old windows turned into coffee tables. Has some home accessories too.
Location: On Gulf Road, beach side. Pass the SAS hotel going south and turn right after the first bus stop. It is the corner house from the power substation.
Hours: 10:00am – 9:00pm
℡: 565-7819

CASA MAROC: Moroccan imports, from furniture to small pieces.
Location: In Salmiya off Fourth Ring just after Route 30. Near Images Beauty Salon.
℡: 563-2484

Gloria’s Place: Antique and Handicraft Centre. Includes doors, cabinets, tables, chairs and beds.
Location: Off of 30 going toward Fintas, exit 208 to left, first street on right. Villa # 28 and 29 Abu Al Hasania.
Hours: Saturday – Thursday 10:00am – 1:30pm and 5:00 pm – 9:00pm. Friday 10:00am – 2:00pm ℡: 390-8302

HERITAGE SOUK: Downtown on the edge of the shopping area, this rebuilt souk is a good place to go for rugs, some antiques, and has several stores featuring things from Afghanistan. Across the street are several stores with the Kuwaiti Sadu weaving.

INDIAN HERITAGE: Includes lots of mini-stores featuring Indian clothing, fabrics, decorating items, and furniture.
Location: In the middle of the Souk-Al Safat, or main building of the Fabric Souk. Has two floors.

KUWAIT DESIGN CENTRE: Has an assortment of small shops dealing with antiques and furniture.
Location: Salmiya, just down the street from Marina Mall on Salam Al-Mubarek Street. Look for the building with a beauty supply stores on the ground floor. The antique stores are in the basement. You might actually find Kuwaiti antiques here if there is such a thing.
Hours: 9:30am to-1pm and 4:30 pm to 10 pm
℡: 571-6742

SALMIYA ANFAL MALL: This souk/mini shopping mall is across and down the street from Marks and Spencers. There are several shops here featuring items from Iran, India and other places including silver, textiles, rugs and souvenir type items.

THAI ART GALLERY: Includes a large selection of cultured pearl, handicrafts and clothing from Thailand.
Location: Salmiya in the Shaha complex. On Salem Al Mubarak Street on the corner near Eureka. It is in the basement.
Hours: Sat-Thurs. 9am to 1 pm and 5 pm to 9 pm, Fridays 5:30 pm to 9 pm
℡: 571-0144


JARIR BOOKSTORE: Includes English and Arabic books, cards, office and art supplies, toys and computer supplies. It’s a great place to go for gifts.
Location: Located off Tunis Street in Hawalli, it’s in a shopping center that looks like a fort with carnival rides in the front. Parking is around back.
Hours: 9-1 mornings and 4:30-10:30 evenings. Closed Friday mornings.
℡: 261-0111

KUWAIT BOOKSHOPS: Two locations in Kuwait. The larger store is in the Al-Muthana complex and has the atmosphere of a Crown Books. Their better store is right off Sheraton Circle on Al-Soor Street. This shop has a real bookstore feel to it and claims to be the first English language bookstore in Kuwait. They have an excellent cookbook and travel section, as
well as the latest novels plus a good selection of magazines.
Location: Downstairs at the Al-Muthana Shopping Complex across from the J. W. Marriott Hotel and on the corner of Al-Sour and Fahed Al-Salem Streets - across from the Sheraton.
℡: 242-4266, 242-4289

Q8 BOOKS: Includes new, used and out-of print books.
Location Downtown on Fahad Al-Salam Street opposite the General Post Office.
℡: 245-7505/6 website:

VIRGIN RECORDS: Lots of books – good fiction and travel sections as well as magazines from America and Britain. Of course, you have a large selection of music CD’s and videos as well as electronics.
Location: Marina Mall.

OTHER BOOK SHOPS: The gift shops in the larger hotels also have a fine selection of magazines, newspapers, paperback novels, especially “coffee table” books about the Middle East and Kuwait.


Hand-made oriental carpets from many different regions are available throughout Kuwait. Some places to find rug shops
include: Heritage Souk downtown and Iranian Souk off 4th Ring near Pant Souk. Some shops used by Embassy personnel

AHMAD CARPET: Located in Iranian Souk in Al-Rai, Shop no.3. Iranian Carpets.
℡: 965-0517, 472-7933

AHMAD KHANY: Iranian Carpets. In Iranian Souk area.
℡: 475-5957, Mobile 907-0433

AL-OMAR: in Heritage Souk carpet area. Persian carpets.
℡: 621-0923, mobile 966-2300

HUSSAIN AND ALI: Frequented by many Embassy people. It has many carpets from many lands. Located across the street from Heritage souk near Sadu (traditional Bedouin) weaving shops. Map in CLO.
℡: 242-7522

PERSIAN CARPET EXHIBITION: Salmiya at the corner of 4th Ring Road and Amman St. at the beginning of Old Salmiya.
℡: 573-1431.


BARAKAT SHOWROOM TRADING CO.: Needlepoint, embroidery, rug making, quilting, painting and knitting – you name it they probably have it.
Location: Off of Hamed Al-Mubarak St. in the Mabror Complex. Near the Circus tent. There’s also a smaller branch in Fahaheelon Sinan Street in the Al-Sharhan Complex, Mezzanine.
℡: Salmiya: 574-6727/ 8, Fahaheel 392-8402

FABRIC SOUK: Downtown off Route 40 as it goes through town, just before Heritage Souk – across from Science Museum. Offers an overwhelming collection of fabrics from the mundane to the sublime in several large buildings. Take a photo of your garment and they can estimate the yardage. Tailors are also available on the second floor of the souk buildings. Some shops also have needlework kits. The Indian Heritage Souk is part of the largest building. It features
clothing, home furnishings and other exotic items from India.


BRITISH HOME STORE (BHS): British merchandise – clothing, shoes, house wares, children’s attire etc. Good products, Western styles, but expensive, watch for sales.
Locations: Main store is in Salmiya next door to the Sultan Center. Smaller outlets are located throughout Kuwait in some
℡: 484-2872, 391-7056

DEBENHAMS: Another quality British department store to browse around in. Has good sales. Merchandise includes:
clothing, handbags, shoes, china, flatware, and house wares.
Location: Sharq Mall.
Hours: 10a.m. to 10p.m.
℡: 240-1500

LANDMARK: Kuwait’s version of a Target. Men, women’s and children’s clothing are featured as well as shoes, house wares, furniture etc. at reasonable prices. They have large sales fairly often.
Locations: There are several showrooms: Salmiya just down the street from Sultan Center.; Shuwaikh – the Al-Rai area.
Al-Ghazali Street between 4th and 5th Ring Roads. (Has furniture and lots of home accessories.) Hawalli on Beruit St. and
Fahaheel- a brand new store is being built across the street from the Al-Kouts Mall.
Hours: Sat-Thu 9:30 am to 1:00 pm and 4:00 to 9:30 pm; Fri 4:00 to 9:30 pm.
℡: Shuwaikh: 473-4160, Hawalli: 264-6081/ 2/ 3, Fahaheel: 391-2485.

MARKS AND SPENCER: A well-known British department store with quality products. Adult and children’s clothing, shoes, household products, linen, duvet and duvet covers, and a “Toys ’R Us” Express store.
Location: Salmiya on Salem Al-Mubarak Street next to the Marina Mall.
Hours: 10:00am – 10:30 pm
℡: 571-3304

SANA: Kuwait’s version of T.J. Maxx - factory outlet products in one building. Good selection of clothing for men, women and children that is always changing. Has brand names and reasonable prices – especially during the sales. The Salmiya store has one whole floor of children’s clothes. Look for great sales.
Location: In Salmiya, next to the Gulf Royal Restaurant on Salem Al-Mubarak St. In Shuwaikh it’s next to the Wholesale
Center food store on Fourth Ring and 60. There are also stores in Fahaheel and Hawalli.
Hours: 9:30 am to 10:30 pm
℡: Salmiya 575-3556, Fahaheel 391-7620, Shuwaikh 481-8143, Hawalli 266-6488.

SEARS: Good selection of toys, exercise equipment, garden tools, household items and clothing with American sizes. Has Land’s End brand. Does not accept Sears charge card.
Location: Farwaniya, off of the 6th Ring Road, beside the Traffic Department – among all the furniture stores.
Hours: 9:00 am to 10:00 pm.
℡: 434-1791


ALGHANIM ELECTRONICS: Located all over the city, Alghanim has just about everything you’d plug in - from kitchen appliances to computers to stoves to stereos. It’s good place to get a cell phone. Has good sales throughout the year and discounts are almost always given.
Locations: Showrooms in Salmiya, Hawalli, AlRai, Fahaheel, and several other areas. New Flagship store in Al-Rai off Fourth Ring has everything. Website has maps to the various locations:
Hours: mornings and evenings.

CELL PHONE SOUK: There are small cell phone shops all over town, but for sheer numbers, the row of shops in Sharq on Shuhada Street across from the new Marriott Courtyard hotel beats all other areas.

COMPUTER SOUK: Located in Hawally on Bin Khaldoun Street. You will see many small computer stores located in this area. It’s a great place for parts if you’re a computer hobbyist. Software is probably pirated, so buyer beware.

EUREKA: Lots of choices – 3 floors of electronics, appliances, and many other electrical items. Like Best Buy in the states.
Gives 20% discount on many items.
Location: Salmiya, near Landmark.


Optical shops are almost as prevalent as coffee shops in Kuwait. Most offer a free optical exam with purchase of eyewear.
The latest designer frames are available, and prices are somewhat comparable to the states. Don’t be afraid to ask for a discount. They expect you to.
Here are a few shops, but there are plenty more to choose from:

INTERNATIONAL OPTIQUE: The main store has more frames than anywhere else. It’s fun just to try them on! Also has hearing aids.
Location: Central Plaza, between the two Arabic hotels in Salmiya. Also has many other smaller shops in other locations.
℡: 571-4007 Closed in the afternoons.

KEFAN OPTICS: Offers a 25% Embassy discount in all their stores except Sunglass Hut. Has locations all over town.

LIQAA OPTICAL COMPANY: Offers a 25% to 30% Embassy discount.
Location: At Salmiya Co-op.
℡: 573-2434.

MATIN OPTICS: Has a discount card in the CLO Discount book for 30% off.
Location: Salmiya in the Tala Center on Salem Al-Mubarak St. Ground Floor.


ARIFJAN PX: Has an ever-changing selection of things. Doha PX closes in summer of 2005 so Arifjan is your AAFES
option. Arifjan has 3 exchanges to choose from. Mostly snack foods are carried, but it’s cheaper than Sultan Centre. Good source of American off the counter medicines. It’s the only place to buy pork and vanilla extract.

CITY CENTRE: Sells everything under one roof: Garments, jewelry, flowers, electronics, toys, computer accessories and household items. It even has a restaurant and bakery and a supermarket. The souk surrounding the 5th ring store is really nice.
Location: On the corner of Airport Road (55) and Pepsi Cola Street (80) near the Mercedes Showroom. Also has a large new (2003) store at the Salmiya Souk just off Fifth Ring. This is the closest non Co-op to the Embassy.

COOPERATIVE SOCIETIES (JAMAIYAS): There is a large co-op in every area and small satellite shops (bakalas) within the neighborhood. The co-op is a large grocery complex with little outlets of shops – hardware, pharmacy, flower, dry cleaning and fast food restaurants. Besides groceries you can get all of your household and kitchen needs. The co-op is locally known as “Jamaiya”. You’ll be surprised at the American products sold at these stores. It may not be your favorite brand but it’s American! Size of Co-Op depends on the location. The newer ones are usually the largest and cleanest.

FISH MARKET: Fish prices are lower here than at your neighborhood supermarkets. They’ll also clean and fillet the fish for you. Shrimp season runs from September to December. Kuwait has several locations – Gulf Road next door to Sharq Market; Shuwaikh – off of 3rd Ring Road towards the middle of Canada Dry Street; and Fahaheel – brand new location
adjoining the Al-Kouts Mall.

FRUIT AND VEGETABLE MARKETS: Also called “Chappras”, they are the most economical way to buy fruit and vegetables. Produce is sold by the kilo. They are found throughout Kuwait, the main/big ones are located in Shuwaikh just off Jahra Road, the fish markets on Gulf Road in Fahaheel and next to the Sharq market downtown, and the Old Souk area downtown.

SULTAN CENTER: Not only a supermarket – they have housewares (kitchen, linens etc), hardware, stationary, toys, sporting goods, you name it! It’s the place to go when you want Western products. When you see it, buy at least two.
Locations: Salmiya and Sharq Mall are the main stores and there are other satellite stores throughout Kuwait. The card offered by the store is not required for discounts, but your purchases add up to points which enable you to have more chances in the seasonal draws for electronics, cars and even diamonds!
Hours: 7 a.m – 1 a.m, some open 24 hours.
℡: Salwa: 561-7964, Salmiya: 434-3155

THE WHOLESALE CENTER: Discount outlet of Sultan Center. It has much the same things, but a few less Western items in more of a warehouse atmosphere with cheaper prices. No membership required, but you can use your Sultan Center Card to add more points.
Location: Shuwaikh, off Fourth Ring near the car dealers. This one has a McDonalds and play area for the kids. Newest location is in Farwaniya in the back of area where you find Sears.
Hours: 7a.m –1 a.m.
℡: 433-0111


A TO Z HOME STORES: Household goods, toys, candles, potpourri. Also has a variety of frames.
Location: In Shuwaikh East off the intersection of 3rd Ring and Airport Road (55), Street 26, off Bank Street. Look for the IKEA sign. From IKEA, take the next right turn; the store is on your left across from True Value.
Hours: 8a.m. 10p.m.
℡: 484-7129, 481-4477, and 484-7180.

ACE HARDWARE: Just like the ACE back home for all of your hardware needs. A good selection of towels and bedding is available here as well. Also has a great selection of pet supplies.
Location: Shuwaikh – take the 5th Ring towards Jahra, turn right on Muhammed Ben Al Qassin St.(601), turn right on Street 9, just before you get to 4th Ring, ACE is on your left so you’ll have to U-turn.
Hours: 9a.m. –10p.m.
℡: 476-9100

FARWANIYA ON AIRPORT SIDE OF 6TH RING: Check out the stores in this area especially for furniture and Belgian, Syrian, Egyptian and Turkish machine-made rugs. Walk through the Galleria and the shops behind Sears. You can spend the whole day there. There’s a café at the Wholesale Centre store.
Location: 6th Ring Road to Exit 55 towards the airport. Turn right at the traffic light, then the second right. Turn left at the mosque; Galleria is at the end of this street. Just drive around and explore all the shops.

IKEA: Brand new IKEA super center opened in late 2006. Just like the ones back in the States! Swedish furniture, house wares, home decor and toys. There is also a nice cafeteria/café on one of the floors. You can easily spend an afternoon wandering around “window-shopping” ..this place is huge!
Location: Located in the Avenues Mall, Al Rai, facing the 5th Ring Motorway.
Hours: Open daily from 10 :00 am to 10:00 pm.
℡: 840-408

THE ONE: This store is like an upscale IKEA with a great selection of modern furniture, sheets, towels, and nice decorating items. It’s a great place to go if you need a gift for someone.
Location: Marina Mall

TRUE VALUE: Everything for the home and garden, hardware, toys, craft and school supplies and lots more.
Location: Shuwaikh, around the corner from IKEA.
Hours: 9:00 am to 10:00 pm
℡: 483-3168


These are the truly fun stores for the bargain hunter. Like dollar stores in the states, but everything is about 35 cents!
Unique and unusual items from China are available. Great source for children’s party bags, gift bags, hair ties, unique (and cheap) jewelry, gift wrap, household goods. For even more of a bargain, try a 50-fils store.
Location: All over Kuwait in main souk shopping areas. Look for the tiny stores crammed full of stuff. Many have 100 (in Arabic numbers) posted outside the store. Many times the shopkeeper will be saying, ” mia, mia, all e mia” – 100, 100,
everything 100.

Good venues: Souk Moubarakea at end and sides of fruit and vegetable area; Friday Market; Old Salmiya; City Centre Souk on Fifth Ring.


GOLD SOUKS: There are several gold shopping areas in Kuwait. The main gold souk in downtown Kuwait is spread throughout several buildings and well worth exploring. The gold souk in Salmiya is small and can be more expensive, but has some unique designs. Gold is sold by the weight. Bargain heavily with the gold sellers and it helps to bring a Kuwaiti with you if you are making a large purchase.
Locations: To get to the main gold souk in downtown, take Gulf Road to the Grand Mosque, turn onto Mubarak Al-Kabeer Street and then take a right at the first major intersection. Park across the street from the renovated old souk and walk down that street to the gold souk. Parking is available closer to the gold souk but it is much more congested. In Salmiya, the gold souk is on Salem Al-Mubarak Street across the street from the Marina Mall. In Hawalli, gold shops are on Tunis Street and Bin Khaldoun Street. Fahaheel has a gold section and there is a nice souk for Indian-style gold behind the Sheraton Hotel (Souk Al-Watea).
Some shops used by many Embassy people include:

AL-ARABIA JEWELLERY: Has gold Dhow pendants. Armen A. Sarkissian is the proprietor.
Location: Salmiya Gold Souk opposite the Marina Mall.
℡: 575-7959

DANYAL JEWELLERY: 18 carat Italian gold a speciality. Ask for Abbas.
Location: In Central Gold Market in Moubarakea - Ground Floor, Shop 85
℡: 242-3558

MANO SILVER: The place to go for something in silver.
Location: In Gold Souk across parking lot from My Fair Lady.

MY FAIR LADY : Features lots of 18 Karat gold pieces, most from Italy. Will make cartouches and other custom items.
Location: in Souk Moubarakea near the Central Gold Market.
℡: 240-1903


MOGAHWI: Stationary & office equipment: Offers a wide variety of supplies for school, home & offices. Also includes some art supplies. Everything you need is under one roof.
Locations and ℡: Sharq- 243-3405; Fahed Salem- 243-3713; Shuwaikh- 483-1836; Salmiya- 571-8041; Farwaniya- 473-4961

OFFICE 1 SUPERSTORE: No competition to Staples or Office Depot in the U.S., but you can find a lot of stuff in one store here. Main showroom is in Shuwaikh in back of Al-Ghanim automotive parts store; smaller showrooms downtown, and in Fahaheel.
Hours: 9a.m.-8p.m.
℡: 802-227 ext 115 (Shuwaikh showroom)

Many Co-Ops have stationery stores that have a surprisingly large selection of things. Go here when your child tells you he needs poster board late in the evening. There is also a large grouping of stationery stores downtown near the large fabric souk.


THE DOWNTOWN SOUK (SOUK MUBARAKEA): This is an awesome place with a large array of carpets, prayer beads, curiosities, house wares, tin ware, vegetables, meat fish, dates and spices. Although the large air-conditioned building with the food stalls is technically SOUK MUBARAKEA, the downtown souk area also includes the GOLD SOUK the HERITAGE
SOUK, and many other interesting areas. Take time to explore it. The WOMEN’S SOUK (SOUK HAREEM) is an interesting area to visit. The vendors are Arab women dressed in abayas with veils covering their faces but their eyes don’t miss anything. Traditional garments, henna, herbal shampoo, massage balms and fabric can be bargained for here. You can find traditional dress for children and men.
Location: Downtown in the Qibla area. Route 40 ends at the Heritage Souk. Parking can be difficult so avoid the busy times of day. There is also underground parking below the vegetable market; the entrance is on the same street as the Burgan Bank. Paid parking is very inexpensive; 150 fils or so for two hours. You’ll just have to make several visits to this
souk to figure out the best parking area for you. Maps available in the CLO. Stores generally closed on Friday mornings and during the afternoon every day.

FAHAHEEL SOUK: The Fahaheel souk is worth the visit. They have some very nice Kashmiri shops and the prices can be cheaper than in downtown Kuwait. It’s a good place for souvenir-type items. There’s also a good selection of gold. With the
opening of the new Al-Kouts Mall in Fahaheel, real parking and clean bathrooms are now available.
Location: Go south on Route 30 until you see the exits for Fahaheel. Go towards the sea and you can’t miss it. Parking is available around the Al-Kouts Mall on Gulf Road and in the dirt lot next to Al-Ghanim Electronics. The souk area is located around the dirt parking lot and just goes on and on. Kashmir Imports is a good place for souvenirs.

FRIDAY MARKET: The Friday Market is an outdoor adventure. It has several sections, including the old stuff (some antiques), the new stuff, furniture and rugs and animals. Always bargain. Wear a hat and sunscreen in hot times of the year. Bring water or buy ice-cold bottles from vendors there. They’re building new covered areas, so it should be more
bearable in the summer.
Location:Off the 4th Ring Road near the junction with Airport Road (55), behind the plant souk.
Hours: Thursday and Friday mornings and Friday afternoons. See CLO for a map.

HOLIDAY FAIRS: Throughout the year (fall, Christmas, spring) local schools and organizations hold fairs offering crafts, gifts, games, food, books and what have you. One big one to watch for is the American Women’s League Holiday Bazaar, usually held in early December – almost 100 vendors! Camp Arifjan also holds bazaars throughout the year with numerous
vendors selling anything from leather camels, carpets, and treasure chests to jewelry. Watch the Tower Times and the local papers for announcements.

IRANIAN SOUK: Pottery, carpets, dishes, wall hangings, blankets, gardening pots, plants etc. It’s the best place to buy houseplants and has the lowest prices on some items. Not everyone speaks English, but most will bargain.
Location: Right across the street from the Friday Market off of the 4th Ring Road, behind the car dealers. Main market is the first building, but many other shops go up the street.

KUWAIT INTERNATIONAL FAIR GROUNDS (MISHREF): The Fairgrounds is a center hosting exhibits of products from around the world and especially the Middle East. It’s a good place to get carpets, perfume, Syrian tablecloths, Egyptian textiles, Kashmiri rugs etc. Prices are generally cheaper, especially if you bargain hard. Try to go on the first and last days
of the exhibition. New exhibitions open every month except during the summer. Check the Tower Times and local papers for dates and themes.
Location: Mishref, off of the 6th Ring Road on 302. Very close to the Embassy, just look for the Ferris wheel and McDonald’s arches.
Hours: 9:00am to 1:00pm and 4:00pm to 9:00 pm.
℡: 538-7100, 538-6907

OLD SALMIYA: While most expatriates are familiar with the newer or fancier part of Salmiya (with the Sultan Center and Fanar Mall), few are aware that Old Salmiya, a little further north, has a large number of curio shops, house wares, and nice clothing stores with good prices. That’s why it is popular with Kuwaitis and Arab expatriates. Don’t miss all the 50 and 100
fils shops with lots of cheap, fun stuff.
Location: From Gulf Road, turn onto Hamad Al-Mubarak Street. Go through the first light and at the second light, you will be in the heart of Old Salmiya. Your clue is that you’re at a cul de sac or dead end. To the right are rows of shops selling clothing, jewelry, house wares, toys and other items. To the left is the Salmiya Souk, with gold shops and Turkish shawls.
Parts of Old Salmiya are just across the street from the new Marina Mall. Go out the door where The ONE is and go across the street. Along this side of the street are several souks featuring clothing, gold, shoes, and various other things. Don’t miss The Fashion Mill and the Grand Store department stores for the cheapest prices on clothing and house wares in Kuwait. The souk with the Grand Store also has several antique stores.

SHOPPING MALLS: There are a number of shopping malls offering long hours of air-conditioned strolling during those hot summer months. Many also have Cinemas. Here are a few: Laila Gallery (across from the Sultan Center in Salmiya), Zahra Complex (next to the Sultan Center in Salmiya), Al-Fanar (across the street from the Sultan Center), The Al-Muthana
Complex (Kuwait City across from J.W.Marriott), the Sharq Mall on Gulf St., Marina Mall in Salmiya on Gulf Street, and the newest one, Al-Kouts in Fahaheel. The newest and largest mall is the Avenues Mall (opened early in 2007). The Avenues Mall is located off of 5th Ring Rd. and Mohammed Bin Al-Qassim St. There’s even a mall in the airport (open 24 hours)!

SHUWAIKH: Shuwaikh has an excellent vegetable market where you can get cartons of fruits and vegetables at much lower prices than the Sultan Center or the co-ops. The fruit and vegetables are clean and fresh. Shuwaikh also has several stores where you can buy housewares and electronics at discount prices, similar to a Price Club or Shoppers Food
Warehouse. If you’re buying in bulk, the trip is well worth it. Shuwaikh is an interesting area to drive around in if you have the patience (traffic is a nightmare especially on Canada Dry St.). There are all sorts of motor vehicle shops, wrought iron shops, furniture showrooms, and appliance repair shops. A newer part of Shuwaikh is the FREE TRADE ZONE near the water. Here the main store to visit is VILLA MODA. It’ is the place to go for designer clothing. The complex offers clothing from famous designers at amazing prices. For less heartstopping
moments, you can visit the two discount rooms. One is on the top floor and the other is a building at the side of the parking lot.


Athletic clothing, shoes and equipment are available in many locations around the city. Shoe brands may not be familiar to you. There is a collection of sporting goods stores in Salmiya near the intersection of Hamad Al-Mubarak and Salem Al-Mubarak streets.

ATHLETE’S FOOT SHOES: Just like the stores at home.
Location: Sharq Mall, Mishref Co-Op and other locations.

NASSER SPORTING GOODS: Located in Al-Rai in the same area as the Ace Hardware, this is a large showroom with equipment from treadmills to table-tennis tables. There is also a good selection of clothing and shoes. Smaller stores are located throughout the city.
Location: Al-Rai
Hours: Mornings and Evenings
℡: 266-5411

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