Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Kick Ass Gym in Kuwait (CORE FITNESS)

Now how many time you see this in a Gym description?

- 20-Minute Pro Caliber Total Body Annihilation -

Not to be mistaken for an ordinary gym, Core Fitness emphasizes on developing full physical potential of its clients through proper implementation of Performance Management.

Key Points:-
1) Every workout is 20 minutes, provided a scheduled appointment and personal trainer.

2) Each membership is based on the client's specific needs. We do not have a set membership because people do not have common requirements and goals.

3) We aren't a spa, we don't have a jacuzzi, a steam room or a swimming pool; as far as we are concerned, those things are only for pussies and deliver no significant results.

4) We are a facility that delivers results. We provide the necessary tools to promote healthy lifestyles to our clients.

5) Failure to witness results will be strictly held against a client, since he was too busy eating his hamburgers and nesting on some couch rather than busting ass at Core Fitness.

In short, we own you for 20 minutes of your life (be it 2,3, or 4 times per week) and push you to the point of no return till you go home and cry like a baby. Personal diet and demoralizing dietician included.

Contact us on 2 252 0407 and find out 101 ways on how we can make your life a living hell.

LOL, I know these guys and they are no joke, if you really looking to loose weight or get buffed that is one gym who mean business.


Anonymous said...

wow, goodluck!

ZeroArk28 said...

what about a guy who has injured ankle since 2001 and it hurts to walk!?

PALFORCE said...

Thanks Anon.

Neoark, you can visit their group on facebook and ask them.


ZeroArk28 said...

don't do facebook :/

oh well...

American Born Confused Desi in Kuwait :) said...

its only for men :( ..any idea bout good gyms for women?

American in Kuwait said...

Champion for women in Hawalli is a good Gym for women, here is a link for Gym prices in Kuwait:


Good luck

Unknown said...

well, i guess u r completely wrong, i need a gym to train in to die within!! they r using the same schedule for all members and their membership is about 7 weeks (so here we go, a membership package) how come there is no membership!!
the 20 minutes makes ur hearbeat reaches almost 190, and as a fact your HRB should reach your maximum according 2 ur age! so 20 minutes KILLS people and don't fix them or add curves!
u better reconsider joining 2 that club. my opinion, take a bunch of books and join some forums in order to know facts that will show u that those things are not good for human body. sorry 2 say so.