Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Expats with GCC residency can enter Kuwait on Touris Visa

New visa regulation in Kuwait

By Our Correspondent

KUWAIT CITY: Foreigners can now apply for a three-month Kuwaiti tourist visa at the Kuwaiti consulate in their countries. The validity of the visa may be extended up to one year, says a statement issued by ministry of interior.

A directive issued by Interior Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Khaled Al-Sabah that the amended residence law also allows expatriates with valid residence permits in one of the GCC nations to enter Kuwait on a tourist visa obtained upon arrival at any of the entry ports provided the residence permits are valid for more than six months.

Such visas may be obtained from Kuwaiti consulates.



Anonymous said...

AIK, does this work the other way, too? For example, when we go to Abu Dhabi or Qatar, can we get long term visas if we have residence in Kuwait?

American in Kuwait said...

I really can't tell you, but let's ask Mr. Google, shall we.

UAE Visa Law:

Qatar Visa Law:

Hope this helps.


Unknown said...

Hi, Is it posible for a student resident of the GCC to get kuwait visa on arrival..??I urgently require an answer..thanxx.