Tuesday, September 2, 2008

AmerianinKuwait is joining the mainstream

This Blog is now part of KuwaitBlogs

Kuwait Blogs (safat) is the only Kuwaiti Blog group that I have seen so far. The list of Bloggers is diverse and covers different topics about Kuwait and such.

There are few good informative Blogs at Safat such as:

248am which is run by a married couple. This Blog offers good tips on certain places in Kuwait & it has a nifty little forum, I have seen gadgets on sale between forum users that went for a decent price.

Desert Girl on Kuwait she is a fellow American lady who has been in Kuwait for so long, she offers great help for any inquires about Kuwait.

DixieBedouin Who is an southerner lady that works in the education field in Kuwait.

This is just a few of the Blogs that you can find on http://safat.kuwaitblogs.com

Check them out.

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